Artificial grass for padel courts

The demanding on padel has led to arise new improved surfaces and with better features. Increasingly, the artificial turf/grass for padel courts is more frequent, result of renovations and remodelling of sporting facilities. In this post, we will review about the use of artificial grass in padel courts, the most common floor type as regards the installation of padel courts.

Floor types for padel courts

There are many types of floor admitted by the padel courts regulations:

  • Porous concrete: it becomes a draining plenty of pores, where the water flows without a problem. Nowadays, it can be seen over the base where the artificial grass is installed.
  • Cement. It mades the ball go faster, making a more tiring and boring game. For these reasons, cement floor is decreasing nowadays.
  • Synthetic materials, such as resins. They offer a great variety of finishes, and above al, they are used in tournaments, as they allow a better friction on the faster and slower bounces of the ball.
  • Artificial turf: it is the most common and long-lasting type of floor. It allows a slower speed game. There are different types of artificial turf as we see, everyone with different characteristics.

Types of artificial turf for padel courts

As we have already said, the installation of artificial turf is the most commonly used on the padel courts and padel facilities, which leads to a great variety on the offer. We will be focused on the next types:

  • Fibrillated artificial turf. It is made from different nerves, every one of them have different fibres. This means that the fibres are very thin and wear out more quickly (less durability).
  • Monofilament artificial turf: it is more durable than the fibrillated turf, and it made from different nerves and fibres. Although it is true that it requires likewise minimum cares.

Because of the increasing demanding of padel courts and artificial turf, the manufacturers have also increased the offer with a wide range of colours.

Installation of artificial turf on padel courts

The installation of padel courts is a process, which requires a special care and which must start on the compacting of the ground. The appropriate settlement of the strip is very important and to do that they are used mechanical means. The second step consists of cutting the artificial turf based on the measurements of the game zone. Once the turf is placed, we will proceed to fix the junctions using seaming tapes and polyurethane glue and paying special attention because they have to be strong and perfectly joined. The last step is the filling of the artificial turf with silica sand. The quantity of silica sand to be used depends on the height, type, grain size or requirements for the game.

Advantages of using artificial turf on you padel court

As we have already said, the installation of artificial turf on padel courts is something relatively simple, and it is important to highlight the following advantages or benefits:

  • The artificial turf requires fewer efforts, and they are limited to the elimination of external agents, in contrast to the natural grass.
  • The artificial turf is more resistant to extreme climates and has, therefore. A better durability.
  • At a long time it is the more economic and sustainable than the natural grass, so they do not need constant watering.
  • The quality of the game, regarding speed game, is more optimum because it has not high and low grounds, which they can affect it.
  • The external aspect has improved over the last few years. It is much more realistic nowadays and it seems natural one at first sight.

Maintenance of the artificial turf of your padel court

Although it is true that depending on different factors (type of artificial turf, usability, climate conditions, sand type, humidity, etc.) the frequency of artificial turf maintenance is different, it will be necessary certain maintenance tasks, so the grass do not loose its characteristics and main components:

  • Regular cleaning of the surface.
  • Brushing and ventilation of the silica sand.
  • Prevention action in order to avoid contamination due to fungus and weeds.
  • Replacement of the silica sand.
  • Control and verification of junctions.

Whether you are thinking about installing a padel court or you want help with the artificial turf maintenance, installation or substitution on padel courts, do not hesitate to contact us, We install turf for padel courts all around the world, contact us for more information.