On this post, we will talk about how to construct a padel court.

To construct a padel court is an important investment for clubs, gyms, neighbourhoods or even single-family houses. That is why we need to be clear what do we want and need: an indoor padel court or an outdoor padel court, a simple padel court or a panoramic padel court (you can see our models of padel courts, clicking here), characteristics of the glass for padel courts and the astroturf for padel court, LED illumination for padel courts, location, materials… Furthermore, we will have to take into account the regulatory measures to contruct a padel court according to the game rules.

When we are installing a padel court, it is crucial to have access to experienced external consultants on the installation of padel courts in order to contruct the right padel court with the best conditions.


In order to install a padel court, we need a solid and firm surface. Due to the security and stability of the padel court, the structure should be screwed on to the floor so that it can absorbe the impacts during the game. On this case, the most well-known system of foundation is the concrete slab.

The process of construction of a padel court involve a nimber of steps that should be followed if we want to have the installations on the best conditions:

  1. Unloading of materials which make up the padel court: astroturf, glass kit, enclosure modules and silica sand.
  2. Construction of the structure and enclosure modules.
  3. Collocation of the glasses in the padel court.
  4. Installation of astroturf for padel courts (extended of the rolls, clean-up of the laterals, extraction of the strip necessary for the marking line, extended of the white tail over the strip, collocation of the marking lines, introduction and extended of the silica sand, final revision.).


About the process, we normally tend to overestimate the installation costs of the padel court and their installation time.

The price of a padel court depends on different factors such as condition of the surface, the material used for its installation, its quality…

On Gim-Par® we are a specialized company on the installation of padel courts. If you want to construct a padel court, know the price or request a budget of a padel court, contact us or request a quote without obligation.