Padel Courts Maintenance

Padel courts maintenance In order to guarantee more durability to our padel facilities, we will specify on this post the different aspects which we will have to take into account to do a correct inspection and maintenance of every element that make up the padel court....

Indoor padel courts vs. outdoor padel courts

Padel is a sport which has born to be practiced in open-air spaces, although it is true that its great demand has forced to the manufacture and installation of padel courts adapted to the indoor game, above all in places in which the good weather and the high...


PADEL COURTS GLASS Today we are speaking about the installation of glass walls in padel courts, increasing trend as regards the installation of padel courts due to aesthetic issues and which offers a better comfort to the spectators that go to the matches. How padel...

Artificial grass for padel courts

Artificial grass for padel courts The demanding on padel has led to arise new improved surfaces and with better features. Increasingly, the artificial turf/grass for padel courts is more frequent, result of renovations and remodelling of sporting facilities. In this...

Led Illumination for your padel court

LED illumination for your padel courts   Today we will be focused on the LED illumination for padel, , one solution linked to the manufacture of padel courts. Good illumination on the padel court is a key factor in order to carry out a game with the best conditions....

Padel courts manufacture

On this first post of the blog, we welcome you writing about the measurements of padel courts which are required by the rules of the International Federation of Padel. As specialists in a global level in the construction and design of padel courts, we comply with the...


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