Padel is a sport which has born to be practiced in open-air spaces, although it is true that its great demand has forced to the manufacture and installation of padel courts adapted to the indoor game, above all in places in which the good weather and the high temperatures do not go well all along the year.

On this post, we will be speaking about these two types of padel courts: their nature, for and against and main differences between one and the other regarding its construction.

Indoor padel

Indoor padel courts are under cover and have the following characteristics:

  • Independence from the inclemency of the weather, which does not affect to the gameplay.
  • They are usually much more protected and conserved than the outdoor courts.
  • The high level of humidity concentrated in the ambiance difficults the breathing, increases the transpiration of the players and increases at the same time the tiredness.
  • It could produce locked-in syndrome when the players play in an indoor padel court.
  • Lights are artifitial and the place is closed, and the players could start to fell less comfortable. Furthermore, the sound bounce on the walls and it is heard stronger than in an indoor court.

Some clubs decide to focus on the indoor padel courts due to climatological issues. In Gim-Par, we have helped other companies to install indoor padel courts. This is the case of Central Padel, indoor padel court located in León. Click here to know more.

Outdoor padel

It is the favourite alternative of many players, so the locked-in syndrome and height sensation are eliminated. Padel indoor courts have the following characteristics regarding their gameplay:

  • Open-air padel courts transmit freedom sensation and a better comfort in the gameplay.
  • When we play outdoors, we will have to measure the incidence of the wind over the ball and, therefore, movings will be more difficult (or completely the contrary and profit the climatological conditions and work in the strategy using the wind and the sun to your advantage).
  • The lack of ceiling ends definitely with the heights limitation.
  • Outdoor padel courts require a major maintenance.

Outdoor padel courts are often chosen by town halls so the neighbours of the city will profit them. As outdoor project, we highlight La Robla public courts, to know more about this project, clic here.

Differences on the manufacture and installation of indoor padel courts and outdoor padel courts

The main difference on the manufacture of outdoor and indoor padel courts is on the material used for the indoor padel courts (the structure is manufactured in galvanizing steel), which has a higher cost than the manufacture of outdoor padel courts.

Certain private clubs decide to combine both types of courts in order to attract all type of players and clients. A clear example it is the club Tenis5Padel Indoor located in León, a great project of 21 padel courts, which you can see here.

As we have seen, there are clear differences between the indoor padel courts and the outdoor padel courts, but finally every one will have to choose if he or she prefer to practice this sport indoors or outdoors. What is clear is that both of them are possible to enjoy this amazing sport. If agree, visit our models page, all of the can be adapted outdoors and indoors. And do not hesitate to contact us or to request a budget if you want to know more!