Once the decision of buying a padel court is made, questions and doubts arise. Also the lack of information about choosing a padel court, cause us to make some basic mistakes.

In the medium term, this is a significant problem, causing accidents, if there have not been an efficient support and the most qualified and capable professional staff.

Gim Par, as specialists in the field of building padel courts and set up padel tennis courts, we will explain all the common errors we have seen. And we give you some tips to prevent those mistakes.

Which mistakes we observe when buying a padel court?

In this paragraph, we the most common errors we have been observing and analyzing throughout our experience, setting up padel tennis courts in Spain as in other countries.

1- Not consult or obtain useful information before getting the court. Some users have looked some details over and they get a sense of what is a padel court like. However, they dont go into depth in other important aspects. Such as the place where the padel court will be built, the use of it, and the usage time…

And many times they have complete confiance in internet information, without consultation.

2- As already mentioned in the point above, there are many customers who are not clear where they want the padel court. And they dont know about terrain and environmental conditions.

3- Having hired a team of padel court construction technicians who might not provide sifficient guarantees in case of defects, breakages or damage.

4- Choosing the padel court that is not appropiate for the place or the sport club in which must be set up.

Tips to prevent common mistakes when choosing a padel court

In previous post, we gave you several tips in order to choose the best padel court https://padel.gim-par.com/en/tips-for-choosing-the-best-padel-court-surface/. But in this one, we will focus on how to avoid the above-mentioned common errors:

1- Firstly, try to get all the information about what is a padel court like, the material most used in the padel court and what you need in your court. To know the true properties of a padel tennis court, official measurements and dimensions, and also the basic elements, it would be a great help to avoid errors. You can also consult with experts which have been on the market for years and can guide you through the entire process.

2- Hire the team of technicians to set up padel tennis courts who offer guarantees of at least one year, for your own safety and also to be sure that you hire a qualified team.

3- Know the budget to be allocated to the construction of a padel court and also try to be realistic with that. At the moment you have to choose a padel court model, you should which one suit the best for the place on which the padel court will be built. It is not the same, to build a indoor padel court as an indoor padel court. Nor is a private padel court the same as building in a sport club.

4- Be aware of land and artificial turf, access to courts and lighting in order to choose the most appropiate in every case.

Prevent errors with the assistance of GIM PAR

Gim Par has the best the best professionals in the sector of padel courts construction and padel courts installations. If you need information to set up a padel court or you want a padel court in a specific place, with all types of guarantees, please contact us and we will help you with your proyect.