In this post, we will discuss a topic that GIM PAR knows really well, as experts in exporting padel courts to different countries around the world. We will explian how this padel court export process is carried out and which countries are ordering us more courts.

Aware of the large number of padel couts that have been built in Spain, and studying the paddle market in depth, many interesting opportunities have opened up abroad.

In previous post, we discussed how the padel had grown in Europe  and we also have another post that explains very well how is padel in the rest of the world
In this one, we will explain exportation facilities and padel court estructures. Stay on the loop of all our recommendations and curiosities.

Padel export to neighbouring countries

Padel continues having undoubted success in Spain, being the second most practiced sport by Spaniards, after football.
In Spain, courts are still being built padel courts in sports centres and in outdoor villages. 
There are two factors when a company decides to export padel courts abroad. The first one is proximity to the relevant padel market, Spain. Being a higher cost product and requiring special transport, neighbouring countries are going to order more padel tennis courts than others that are far away.
In fact, since 2017, Portugal experienced an increase in the number of padel courts built and demanded. And also France.
Therefore, and it is understandable that the decision to export will be closely related to the country’s proximity.
Normally transport these goods is in 40 feet open top containers, and they can go by boat or by truck trailer.
International shipments are done with freight forwarding companies, which offer quotations with CIF, FOB, DDP or CIP prices. These inconterms must be clear before exporting.

A second factor is the market size which suppliers study before entering a country. Know well what countries have a potential to build padel courts is the key when exporting. For example, a country like EEUU, has the potential not just for building padel courts in their sport clubs and private clubs, but to be host to several important national and international padel tournaments, and have the main padel tournament like the World Padel Tour.
In Europe, Germany market is one of the main business focus to spread this sport.

Identifying opportunities to export padel

The first step in the export process is to detect the opportunities of the sector and to have sufficient customers information and the destination market information. In order to obtain this information, there are several foreign trade agencies in each country that are responsible for enhancing export activities and will give you the necessary information.
The padel market is expanding as already mentioned, and there are several countries that could include this activity in their sports facilities.

Knowing through the information, the interest of potential customers, is important to know if it is worth all the efforts that export process requires.
Knowing the transport costs of a container to a destination point outside Spain, is also very important, in order to know if the customer can assume that cost.

Another factor to consider is the level of competitors we are going to have. Studying and finding out who our competence is will be fundamental to making a decision. Do we offer anything better than these? How well known are they in the market? What strategies and products do they develop?

Our competitors are an excellent source of information in the foreign market. They have already studied their potential consumers, what it requires, they know the country, the legislation …. so it is important to consider them within the export padel courts process

GIM PAR exporting padel courts

Gim Par has been years building padel courts and setting padel courts up abroad, in different european countries. We have studied different target markets which have ask for a quote for a padel court.We have carried out several projects in Holland and Italy, getting very good results.

We also continue investigating other potential markets such as Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey or Malta, among others.

If you want a complete padel tennis court installed anywhere, please, dont hesitate and contact us. We will advance you a quote without commitment.