Today we are speaking about the installation of glass walls in padel courts, increasing trend as regards the installation of padel courts due to aesthetic issues and which offers a better comfort to the spectators that go to the matches.

How padel court glasses should be

The glasses of the padel court are 10mm or 12mm thick, and they are differentiated principally on the resistance as regards crashes and collisions. The election about the thickness of the glasses depends on the space where it is produced the installation of the padel court, the location and the length regarding the floor.

Glasses will always be templates so, the break in little pieces and bad cuts are avoided.

Furthermore, all our glasses fulfil the regulations of the International Federation of Padel. Do not hesitate to request us quality certifications and technical sheets with no obligation.

Maintenance of padel courts glasses

Although it is true that glass walls for padel courts are designed to reduce the risk of rupture and wear, there is a minimum possibility that the padel glasses could suffer any kind of wear and we have to change the glasses of the padel court.

Next, we will show you some advices, which explain when we should change the glasses of padel courts in order to guarantee the security of the players and the development of the game:

  • Check periodically that the glasses do not have fissures. If we do not do this verification, they will end up by breaking. In case it happens, it will be better to stop and cancel all matches until the glasses have been changed.
  • Check periodically that the glasses do not present other irregularities such as lack of visibility or opacity. The existence of marks on the padel court glasses or the fact that the spectators could not see the match properly can lead to the dissatisfaction and request a change of padel courts. On this case, we will also take into account that the lack of visibility can be cause by the misting of the glasses.
  • Keep an eye, so the glasses are not broken. On this case, it will be necessary to substitute them carefully.

Alternatives to padel courts made of glass

Padel courts made of concrete are decreasing due to aesthetic and least comfort issues, so the spectators can enjoy the match outside the court. The main differences between the padel courts made of concrete and the ones made of glassas regards the game are the following:

  • The ball bounce efficiently on the padel courts made of glass.
  • Visually, we will have a better reference of the dimensions of the court playing in one, which is made of concrete.
  • The padel court made of concrete will be less affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Changing of glasses on padel courts

In case you consider it is necessary to substitute the glasses of the padel court, ask a professional who gives you the best solution.

With Gim-Par Pádel, the substitution of glasses on padel courts or the substitution of padel courts made of concrete is not a problem. Contact us for more information you need.