Did you ever ask yourself what a padel court surface look like? Why these specific materials and not others?

Gim Par as experts in the construction of padel court surface and installation padel courts, we explain what a padel court surface looks like and the main materials used. It is also important the maintenance of surfaces, so that they renains intact for years.

Types of surfaces a padel court may have

There are several surfaces which the International Padel Federation (FIP) regulations allow to get incorporated in professional padel courts. Depending on where they must be placed and how muh it will be used, we would recommend one kind or another.

The regulated surfaces are: artificial turf, cement, porous concrete and synthetic materials such as resins and wood.

The colors according to the regulation should be green, blue and brick red.

Those surfaces with other different colors, they wont be approved courts.

In addition, the surface must be uniform, flat, not inclined and horizontal, allowing ball bounce in an aceptable way.

On the other hand, artificial turf and synthetic surfaces must follow the requirements from UNE 41958 IN Sport surfaces.

Materials for Padel Court surfaces

In this section, we are going to explain the officially materials for padel court surfaces. The main ones are:

1. Artificial grass: one of the favorites for padel lovers. Besides being practical and facilitating the player movement during the game, it is more aesthetic than other materials. Allows to choose between several colors although only green, blue and brick red are officially regulated. Players` movements are easier, sure, steady and flexible.

2. Porous concrete. This structure presents several pores through which the water can drain. It consists of a mixture of sand and gravel and granulometric stones. It does not incorporate sand and it is perfect for outdoor padel court which faces external weather.

3. Synthetic materials or wood: This type of floors are used especially in those tournaments and competitions ` padel courts.

4. Concrete. It is not so popular as the materials before mentioned, because it gives the ball more speed so the game is difficult to play and more tiring. Neither the viewers nor the player can enjoy it.

Maintenance of padel court surface

Depending on the type of padel tennis court ‘ s floor has, one or another type of maintenance must be carried out.

In the case of artificial turf, this kind of floor should be cared once a week. Brushing the fibers with a plastic bristle brush to make them straight. 

It also requires fortnight that the sand is redistributed evenly, in case of the occurrence of fungi and moss, especially in those padel courts located in humid surroundings, it is important to make use of fungicides.

If the padel tennis court has a synthetic materials floor, cleaning and maintenance will be done very carefully. Over all, we should not be mixed with sand and gravel. What is more, in this type of padel court, you must use an specific shoes. Therefore, maintaining this type of floor, it could be expensive.

For a cement floor padel court, although it is the least used, the maintenance of the cement floor is very easy and also cheap. It is so simple, just brush it occasionally, and put on a coat of paint when it is worn out. Cement floor will be as new.

In the case of porous concrete padel courts, the maintenance is similar to concrete padel courts, but these courts have pores, so it can just be cleaned with water and therefore, maintenance can take much longer. Just brushing it when it is getting dirty and using a specific paint that is nonskid. This is enough.

Recommendations from Gim Par

At the time of choosing padel court floor, you must take into account where it will be placed. As we have mentioned in previous posts https://padel.gim-par.com/en/indoor-outdoor-padel-courts/ a outdoor padel court is not the same as an indoor padel court, and a wall padel court is different from a glass padel court. Therefore, every type of model courts must have a specific and appropiate surface depending on the place it will be set and the use.

Gim Par provides you with different padel courts models, and recommends which is the one that best suits your needs. Come in contact with us and ask for a quote without commitment.