Individual padel is the one-to-one form in padel, which allows the game between two players and which is played in individual padel courts, The individual game appears as an alternative of the conventional game for whom the conventional padel courts have been adapted. As we shall see on this post, the principal difference between the conventional padel courts and the individual padel courts are the measures between one and the other, remaining the same ones to the normal court the height of the net or the measures of the glasses.

Although, it is a form, which is not as extended as the conventional padel, it is a very demanded sport when the available space for the padel courts installation is insufficient.

Measures of the individual padel court

As we have already said on the introduction of this post, the main difference lies in the measurement of the court. While the measurement of the conventional padel courts are 20m long and 10m wide, the measurements of the single padel courts are 20x6m, long and wide respectively, conserving the long of the court, which also affects the way we are playing.

Relating the rest of measurements and elements of the courts they remain similarly to the conventional padel courts.

Special characteristics of the individual padel

We have seen the following particularities as regards the installation of individual padel courts and its way of playing:

  • The physical intensity and the effort are higher.
  • Shots must be more precise and less crossed.
  • About the price, the construction of individual padel courts is more economic.
  • Certain players find it difficult to adapt themselves to the measurement of the court due to the proximity between the laterals.
  • The installation of padel courts for the individual game allows maximising the space.
  • Frequently, these types of courts are used by people who are training, when they want to make more precise every type of shots.
  • The strategy and responsibility of the individual padel is on oneself, and it does not depend on the partner.

Another variant of the one-to-one padel: “crossing padel”

The “crossing padel” is the variant one-to-one on which two people plays a game on a traditional padel court. This variety is valid when the players hit the ball in a crossed or diagonal way with respect to the opponent player.

All our padel court models can be made according to the one-to-one form. If you are interested on it, feel free to visit our padel courts models page in order to know our offer.

Whatever you decide regarding the practice of this sport, we will advice and help you on the construction of padel courts. Contact now or request a budget for more info.