Padel courts maintenance

In order to guarantee more durability to our padel facilities, we will specify on this post the different aspects which we will have to take into account to do a correct inspection and maintenance of every element that make up the padel court.

The pavement of the padel court

The maintenance of the artifitial turf in the padel court is essential in order to guarantee the aesthetics, security, game quality and durability. An inadequate or inefficient maintenance will cause deterioration or manage of padel court.

We, as padel courts artifitial turf installators, highly recommend carry out the following practices to guarantee the maintenance and good use:

  • Cleaning and rests elimination which could give rise to fungus in the surface. In this case we will take special care this cleaning process does not affect the distribution of the sand in the surface.
  • Redistribution of the sand in order to avoid the wear and basd behaviour of the ball in the game.
  • Fungus and moss elimination through fungicide application.
  • Joints verification. If it exists breakage, we will avoid that it increases in size and the reparation is more complicated.
  • Remove and cleaning of the sand to obtain an improvement on the properties and draining capacity of the padel court.
  • Special discompaction treatment.
  • Brushing with an special high revolution sweeper.
  • Extending and brushing of the new silica sand, to acquire a more homogeneous bounce and perfect finished so they look like new.

We have describe some padel courts maintenance regarding the astroturf but there are two (joints verification and profond cleasinng and discompaction) which must be done by a company specialized in the maintenance of padel courts every six months.

Enclosure of the padel  court

The main problem of the metalic finishings is the external corrosion. To avoid it they are used galvanized and lacquering treatments.

Furthermore, the electrowelded mesh carries strong hits which could deform or even let go of the welding stitches. To avoid it, we will check visually, and if we see some imperfections, we will proceed to set it upright or weld it.

In the same way, the structure can be under strong charges on the part of the wind or even the wind. That is why, we will check its nivelation or the pressing of the screws in the floor, even in the floor and in the union of the structure.

It is very important to check periodically this last point. The weight of the glasses could produce the collapse, damaging the neoprene and loosing its support base.

Last, we will check that the glasses do not present fissures. If we see fissures or breakings we recomment no to play until the change of glass in the padel court.

Nets and posts

From Gim-Par® we recommend to follow the security and use recommendations of the manufacturer or supplier and substitute them in case of breaking or deformation, which could hinder the correct practice of the padel. We also remind, the regulatory measures of the padel court net, which is 9,25cm high on the extremes and 89cm on the lowest part.

Led illumination

To guarantee a correct maintenance of the padel court illumination, it may be appropriate to do the following practices:

  • Cleaning the illumination every two months (reflectors and glasses).
  • Electrical circuit revision.
  • LED substitution in padel courts, lamps and starting equipment mechanism when it is precise.

Until now, we will have describe the different practices in order to achieve a proper maintenance of our padel court. If we do thatm we will obtain the following advantages:

  • Extend the useful life of our padel court.
  • Prevent the reparation of the padel courts (more expensive thant the substitution) and save in costs.
  • Achieve better conditions in the game.
  • Minimize users injuries.
  • Better image for clients and users.
  • Saving of time.

On this post, we have describe briefly the main practices and good habits in order to achieve the better conditions for our padel court. However, we highly recommend to go to a professional company which does the maintenance and cleaning of the padel court. Contact us or ask for a quote of padel court maintenance to ask for padel courts maintenance prices, with no obligation.