The International Padel Federation (FIP) establishes safety measures concerning padel tennis courts access control and padel court enclousures, trying to ensure essential safety and quality requirements. In other words, both are important elements in this sport and therefore, must have self-regulation and need to be organized.

Manufacture of enclosures and access control in padel tennis

The official responsible for controlling the game security, will analyse in particular the following factors:

  1. First of all, those points in which the fingers can be hooked, should be less than 8 mm or greater than 25 mm, for instance. In this way, possible accidents are being prevented.
  2. The connecting radius between edges of the net posts must be more than 3 mm.
  3. The metal mesh can be square or rhomboid, and thus are electrowelded mesh or simply twisted one, therefore both must have enough tension to get a better ball bounce.

Regarding the lateral and background walls, they will be smooth and have neither ridges nor imperfections, avoiding friction in the skin and, in turn, offering the perfect and uniform bounce for the ball. On the other hand, they will be built with sufficient thickness and with a vast variety of materials such as brick or glass.

As for acesses, these should be on the lateral sides. Entrance door and exit door, and there may be one or two openings at each padel court side. Lateral access must have a minimum of 1.05 m* 2m. If there are two openings, each free space will be 0,72 m* 2 m.

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