One of the important materials in a padel court is the padel net and this must have the regulatory measures and be manufactured in accordance with the National Sports Council (CSD) and the european law EN- 1510.

Materials for the padel net

According to the National Sports Council (CSD) the materials accepted are synthectic fibre such as polypropylene or polythylene. and in turn, must incorporate galvanized steel cables. Both materials offer a high resistance that helps to keep the net in good conditions over the time.

On the other hand, the appropriate color for the net is black, thus you can see perfectly if the ball has passed or has remained on the own playing area. However, the upper band is white, with a width between 5 and 6.3 cm.

In addition, the design has 12 hooks to fill the space completely and should not be tense so we prevent the ball from getting trapped in the net or bounce and leave the playing area.

What is the accepted height of the padel net?

In accordance with the above mentioned current regulations, the length of the net is the same one as the size of a padel court, about 10 meters. The exact height is 0.88 meters in the central part and may rise to 0,92 meters at the extremes.

It hangs through a 1 cm metal cable, which is attached to the net poles. The height of both net poles is 1.05 meters and can be either circular or square, except for its edges, which must be rounded.

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