Up to 150€

RENOVE LED PLAN: change the illumination of your padel court with the LED floodlights of Gim-Par.

Saving, ecology, quality and efficiency.

ADVANTAGES of installing LED illumination on your padel court.

Saving up to 70% on your installations’ electric power.

20% more of illumination, without overloads.

High colors duplication (almost 100%), quite similar to natural light.

More resistance to knocks and security and, as a result, less breaking and vibrations which could be prejudicial to players and spectators.

More useful life and, therefore, less waste on maintenance.

More resistance to temperatures.

Less contaminating than the conventional illumination.





What does the RENOVE PLAN include?

LED FLOODLIGHT 150W and 19500lumens (130 lumens per watt), it is manufacture with the latest aluminium and glass technology. Characteristics: high protection degree (IP65), resistance to rain and dust, long useful life, fast start without necessity of warming, more manageability and less glare.

3 years of maintenance and guarantee counting from the time of purchase.

High quality LED supply.

Dismantling and replacement of the old illumination and LED floodlights installation.

Technicians specialized on the LED illumination installation.

Personalized energy efficiency analysis (Dialux).

Change the illumination equipment of your padel court and reduce the amount of your invoice up to 70%.


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