Padel has been expanding in Europe and beyond for many years, getting many followers of this game which comes from Mexico. Therefore, more and more european countries are joining this sport and we thus find padel players from different nationalities.

However, globally, Spain and Argentine are the two padel sport´s leaders so far. Not only because of the number of players those countries have, but also, because they always occupy the top rankings of all padel competitions.

How does padel look on the old continent?

Within the European continent, Spain is closely followed by other southern European countries such as Portugal, France and Italy. In the north, the highest representation is Sweden, which has experienced a spectacular growth in the last year.

The padel entered Europe from Spain, from the hand of Alfonso de Hohenlohe, close friend of Enrique Corcuera, who was the founder of the padel. It is in our country where the first padel courts are built, creating an image of exclusivity only available to very few people.

It is rapidly expanding within the national territory and many sport clubs. That was the way in which many curious people starte playing because of the ease of play, and the friendly atmosphere that is created. It is also highly attractive because it doesnt require as much as effort as tennis to be able to play, nor an intense previous training to be able to enjoy it.

After consolidating in Spain and from that moment on, other countries also included this sport in each european sports club. Portugal, France and Italy are just some which follow the steps and technique of Spain, as a model reference of this sport.

Padel courts ordered in Europe

The data show a growth of the number of padel tennis courts ordered between 2014 and 2018 by countries such as France or Italy.

Also, the fact that many european countries are joining to the padel tennis competition is another important determinants of growth of padel game in Europe.

During the last year, hence, more than 1500 padel courts were built in Europe, and it is estimated that Adidas will build more than 250 padel courts in Europe in 2019.

Hebery, padel thus is being known worldwide. Moreover, many other brands and companies are looking for their niches in this great opportunity. So you could say that Europe is addicted to padel game.

What is the future of padel in Europe?

Although at present, the south of Europe is demanding padel tennis courts and all accessories for playing padel. The Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway) are the current target for the companies that build padel tennis courts. These countries are gradually joining and installing padel courts and competing in padel tournaments.

Above all, another interesting market is the german one, which represents a challenge in the medium term, because of the rigorous regulation it presents regarding the construction of padel courts. However, padel would become more popular in Germany in the long term and the more followers it get, the more popular padel in Germany will be, thus more padel courts will be ordered.

For these reasons, as far as we can tell, the different companies that supply padel courts thus, are seeking their own niche to expand the padel passion and the enthusiasm for this sport to different countries in Europe.

GIM PAR in Europe

Gim Par is taking many proyects abroad, intalling padel courts and building padel tennis courts in many european countries with a good reputation. For that reason, if you need to build a padel tennis court, know the price to install a padel court, let us know without commitment and we will inform you of everything.