Choosing the best padel court is an important step because you must invest a lot of money in the installation. In previous post, we widely explained about this process and know more:

However, GimPar gives you some good tips so that you can choose the best padel tennis court for your place.

Aspects to be taken before choosing a padel tennis court

First of all, it is important to know where you want to build the padel court and what use it for. Once it has done so, it is time to contract profesional services to build your padel tennis court.

One suggestion is to find out about past proyects which were built by those manufacturers and installers of padel courts, thereby, we may know if they are in line with our likes, needs and interests.

The manufacturer will present you with several interesting padel court models and will explain which is the best one in your particular case. There are many court models such as panoramic model, glass padel courts, berilio model, wall padel courts…. Etc, depending on whether it is an outdoor padel court or an indoor padel court.

It is normal for an outdoor padel court to use galvanized iron, a process by which the iron is covered with another metal in order to prevent oxidation and corrosión what happens when the iron is exposed to the humidity and outdoor temperature. At the same time, it is important to use only stainless steel screws. Moreover, the neoprene that protects the glass from the iron, must be larger than 3mm, being the ideal measure, 6 mm.

It is not necessary to galvanize the iron used in the indoor padel court.

Glass court vs. Wall court

Just as playing padel in the open air is different than playing in an indoor place.

There are some big differences between playing this sport in a wall court and playing in a glass one. And hence, some aspects as weather conditions, lighting or even soil conditions must be taken into account.

Before the 1990s, all the padel and tennis courts were wall courts. Today, after cheapening the prices, glass padel courts are the favourites.

You can get a more vibrant experience, because of the visibility of the environment. Above all, in relation to the glass, the proper one is the tempered glass to about 10 mm for an indoor court and 12 mm for an outdoor one.

And what about the LED lighting or the artificial grass?

With regard to the artificial grass, we must consider these specific characteristics: polyurethane base with polyethylene fibre and with a height of 10 cm for competition and 13 cm for sport clubs. The allowed colours are blue, brick red and green according to the regulation, but it is the green artifical grass which brings out better perfomance and it is the most appropiate for indoor courts and outdoor courts alike.

In adition, another point to consider is the importance of lighting, i other words, being the most profitable in the medium- term. Therefore the LED lighting is the perfect one for indoor courts.

Finally, the electro-welded mesh shouldnt have projections due to the danger it poses to the players. It should have a cover to protect it and thus can last long.

Cost of building a padel tennis court

Gim Par has years of experience providing regulated padel courts. We have advised national and international clients in intallating padel courts in their sports clubs or in other spaces.

In conclusion, if you need to build a padel court with a specific characteristics, know the price for the installation or request a quote or some other tips, please contact us for futher details.