Padel is in vogue. Not only in our country, but it is expanding to other countries. After that, they need more and better information in order to build a padel tennis court or install padel courts.

The main padel court s feautures

There are several aspects to consider when installing a court. In Gim Par we give you all the information so you know first-hand what a padel court is like.

And you should also consider when you want to buy a padel tennis court, either for personal use or to install in a sports clubs.

Therefore, you should evaluate the following factors:

  1. The surface has to be 10×20 meters. Therefore, sufficient space must be provided. At least this space must be 200 square meters per court.
  2. At the midpoint of the court will be placed the padel net, with a length of 19 meters. The height of 0,88, being able to rise to about 0,92 meters. It should not be tense and besides, the top of the net has to be white with a width of between 5 to 6,3 cm.
  3. The artificial turf that it incorporates will be on a surface of cement, concrete or wood. Also, it will be a unique color, blue, green or red tile, always different from the color of the walls of the padel court.
  4. As for the access to the padel court, these will be two on both sides, with only one access. They are arranged symmetrically to the center.
  5. The doors of these accesses according to the established norms have a minimum of 0,72 x 2 meters. And the 0,82 x 2,20 meters maximum.
  6. If we are talking about illumination of a padel tennis court, it must be maintained and uniform and must have minimum levels of illumination. This should be considered appropriate for players to have visibility if they play at night. Therefore, a padel court will have 4 spotlights of 400w, being even more advisable that are 8 spotlights of 400w.
  7. A galvanized iron pipe structure of at least 100x60x2mm. These are attached to the foundation of the court.
  8. There are two options of padel tennis courts: outdoor and indoor. And within these two options, you can choose between a wall court or a glass court. If it is an outdoor one, it will have crystals, making a different experience and bringing various health benefits. However, crystals on an outdoor court should be 10 to 12 mm thick, and have at least 4 fastenings on the structure.
  9. In the background of any court, resistant mesh are installed. After that, these meshes can be: simple twisting or electrosoldered on the crosses.

How much a padel court costs?

This is surely one of the questions you’ll be asking yourself, how much a padel tennis court costs?

In order to answer this, many factors have to be analysed, some of them were mentioned above.

In other words, depending on the choice of materials, the type of place to set it up, the use of it, the structure, the maintenance, the cost of transport… price may vary from one situation to another.

Therefore, to answer that question accurately is not so easy.

However, for those who want a more accurate figure, the price of a padel tennis court could be limited between 9000€ and 18000€ .

GIM PAR, clarifying the doubts

In conclusion, Gim Par has been in the market for years for the construction of paddle tennis courts.

Advising your customers in choosing appropriate padel tennis courts to the place where they want to have it and adjusting us to their budget.

If you want to install a court in a sports club, or build your own padel court, contact us without obligation. We can advise you on what you need