The success of the padel has made many people and many sport clubs want to have their own padel tennis court, as was tennis some yars ago. On top of that, many glass courts are currently required, since the experience of playing in them is totally different from playing on walls and as a result, a positive atmosphere is created during the game.

There is no doubt that having your own glass padel court is amazing, however, it is essential to know we are dealing with one of the most fragile materials and need most careeful and special techniques.

Many of our users have often asked why crystals in a padel tennis court break? Is that dangerous? Is it expensive to change the broken glass in a padel court?

Gim Par, as specialist in building padel courts, we answer all these questions and offer some useful tips to maintain the crystals of a padel court in perfect conditions.

Reasons why crystals of a padel court can break

There are several reasons why we may have this problem, many of them are external causes to our proper maintenance and to the quality of the material used, however, the most common are:

1. The screws are not well tightened, due to a faulty installation or have been deteriorated over time.

2. For this reason, it is important to check them every three months. In addition, each screw must be made of stainless steel and be covered with a plastic cover, and carry its own nut with a blue rubber that is the primary brake and prevents the nut from losing.

3. In addition, the neoprene that protects the glass from the iron structure, has to be of high quality and be very well glued. If the neoprene is not well positioned or remove easily, the iron structure rubs the glass and may break it.

4. Detachment of the crystal that ends up hitting another glass.

5. Existence of stones or steel elements around the padel court and coming into contact with the glass and break it.

6. Very agressive environments such as high winds or hail. This is in the case of outdoor courts.

7. Above all. a spontaneous break due to a thermal jump, because, these materials are exposed to outdoor conditions and it must take into account this fact.

Tips to prevent crystal breakage in a padel court

The installlation must be done professionally and correctly so that the glass hold perfectly in the structure.

Moreover, all the materials must be suitable for such structure and not for another one, therefore, a proper installation is just as important as a good maintenance, maybe this one is even more important. In other words, always try to hire a professional group that guarantees the maintenance after the installation.

Is it dangerous the glass breakage in a padel court?

It certainly represents a danger to those padel players. For this reason, our recommendation is to repair the glass as soon as it breaks, so you will avoid bigger problems and save yourself some troubles.

Gim-Par offers a year guarantee to change the glass of your padel tennis court, after analysing all the main causes of failure of crystals in order to prevent them from breaking again.

Do not hesitate, contact us and request a quote for installing your padel court and get all the advantages above.