The best padel circuit in the world, the World Padel Tour, already hosts many countries in the competition. This fact makes padel spread around the world so quicly. In 2019 the World Padel Tour takes place in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico) and London (UK).

Every year this circuit brings together several countries with the common goal of competing in this sport. For that reason, thanks to the World Padel Tour, padel is becoming known worldwide and in places you would never expect such as Dubai, Camerún, Sudafrica or Senegal among others.

In the previous post was explained how the internalization padel process is done in Europe. In this post, we will explain several issues about how is padel around the world.

Internationalization padel process in 4 continents and the World Padel Tour

Padel in America

As far as you can see, padel has a strong presence in at least 4 continents, specially in Europe, Central America and South America. Two countries stand out regarding this sport globally: Spain and Argentine.

Regarding Argentine, this country has many sport padel clubs, teams and padel courts built all over the country. Similarly, other latin american countries bordered by Argentina such as Brazil, Uruguai, Paraguai and Chile, have been building their first padel tennis courts because of the devotion of argentine players.

And for this reason, Latin America stands out for being the second region that has more fans of padel

And they are also among the most represented in the padel tournaments, often remaining in the top rankings of those padel tournaments. A representative example in Central America is Mexico, where padel game was born, and also has a long history in this sport.

Padel in Asia and its own World Padel Tour

Above all, in Asia there is their own padel tournament: the Asian Padel Cup, in which countries such as Japan, Australia, Thailand, China, South Korea or India participate in.

And Japan is one of the most reopresentative example in this case. In 2013 Japan already had a club with only two padel courts. At the end of the last year, there were already 20 padel tennis courts, and raising new projects of bulding padel courts for the year 2019. Therefore, Japan has been the gateway to the other Asian countries, known for its passion to playing ball sports.

Which countries will join padel in the future?

Although the future of padel tennis at the international level is still uncertain, there is no doubt that a big number of countries have already joined padel game. And many more are looking for ways to get in.

And this can be seen in the official competitions as well as in the construction of padel tennis courts and sports clubs.

Japan is the benchmark for padel within Asia, therefore, South Korea, Thailand or Taiwan will join padel passion next years.

Other countries that are currently being introduced timidly into this sport are Russia and Senegal.

But the great one, which could change the dynamic of this sport, is USA. This country has the best conditions to host padel courts and padel tournaments.

So, in a near future, it is expected that there will be more padel courts in order to organize national and international competition circuits.

Gim Par in the world

In Gim Par, we have participated in several international proyects and we have gotten good references abroad. Therefore, we have built padel courts and installed padel tennis courts in countries such as Italy and Netherlands.

For that reason, our aim in the long term is to expand further and provide padel tennis courts to any country.

Contact us for more information and we will be delighted to advise you.